Beeline Dealerships Are Welcome!

Who can be a Beeline Dealer? Anyone who meets our requirements – sideliners, commercial beekeepers, hobbyists, dealers of other manufacturer’s equipment, the retired, or anyone who is looking for a sideline or full-time occupation and a bit of income. Dealerships can be temporary (one time order for one year) or more permanent (standing yearly dealership status). Each comes under the same policy.

That policy is fairly simple. Our dealer program is separated into three levels: Drone Level, Worker Level, and Queen Level. Here is a chart summarizing the requirements and benefits of the 3-Bee Program. 

Call or email the branch nearest you to determine location eligibility. Visit our Locate a Dealer page to view a map of current Beeline dealers. If you are outside of 60 or 80 miles of an existing, protected Beeline dealer, you are likely eligible. Your nearest branch will be able to tell you if your nearest Beeline dealer is protected or not. If you are eligible, read our policy here thoroughly before deciding which level you would like to enter. Once decided, fill out the application form found in the policy document, and submit to your nearest branch. As soon as they accept your application, you are free to place your initial order. The total of this initial order will determine which level you are entering, and which discounts you receive.

To maintain your level, your total invoiced sales within 12 months (or if you have begun mid-season, we extrapolate your total based on your total sales in that time period) must exceed the Annual Total in the chart above. To move to the next higher level, your total invoiced sales to date must exceed the Annual Total of the higher level. For example, if you are a Worker Level Dealer, and wish to become a Queen Level Dealer, your total invoiced sales to date must exceed $30,000, to become a Queen dealer. This can happen anytime within the 12-month period. 

Not able to reach the Drone Level, but still want to buy and resell? Sure! We will give you quantity pricing and you can resell as much as you want! 

Please remember, all dealer discounts are taken off our low-volume pricing. Catalog quantities and discounts are disregarded. This pricing is usually the same as our catalog pricing, unless prices have changed mid-year. 

Every year on November 1st, we will assess your dealership level, based on your total invoiced sales to date, and determine which level you will be in for the next year. 

Read about pricing, advertising, production, shipping, placing orders, and dealership perks in our policy here.

We also strongly recommend associations, clubs, bee schools, etc. to pool their order for a “dealership” status. A primary objective of our dealership network is to cut shipping costs for the end customer, so any of these “dealership” methods helps everyone. Can you or someone you know fill a spot in our Dealership Map? 

Download our Dealership Policy here.