Beeline Dealerships Are Welcome!

We are interested in establishing a number of dealerships across the country. These dealerships can be temporary (one time order for one year) or more permanent (standing yearly dealership status). Each comes under the same policy.

That policy is fairly simple. Call or email the branch nearest you to determine eligibility. If eligible, place a one time order of $5,000 low volume value and get 25% discount (you pay $3,750). Catalog quantities and discounts are disregarded. Subsequent orders can be less, but maintain that discount by doing at least $10,000 discount business with us every year, and you will be protected from any new dealership inquiries within 80 miles. Of course, smaller orders with lesser discounts and unprotected statuses are also possible if you do not have the capital or want to keep things experimental.

We recommend that dealers charge catalog prices for products that are sold as they are bought from Beeline, but they are welcome to assemble, paint, and sell at their own charges. We also grant dealers the privilege to use up to 25% of their dealership inventory for their own beekeeping needs.

Visit our Locate a Dealer page to view a map of current Beeline dealers. To avoid conflicts, dealerships must be at least 80 miles from each other unless special arrangements are made. You will notice that there are large empty areas. Perhaps you or someone you know can help fill in the map.

We also strongly recommend associations, clubs, bee schools, etc. to pool their order for a “dealership” status. A primary objective of our dealership network is to cut shipping costs for the end customer, so any of these “dealership” methods helps everyone.

Download our Dealership Policy here.